About us

About us


COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl is the first private sector gold exploration company in Mali to be listed on the Mali-metal-links. We are established as a gold exploration company in 1998, COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl now has a large portfolio of exploration prospects in the Mali Market as large.

It has actively undertaken Reconnaissance exploration work in all of its exploration prospects in the last years back and has been successful in identifying probable gold resources within prospects located at Sojola Village and Morella, It is now awaiting the grant of the next stage of licences to undertake detailed feasibility studies on the mining potential of the gold resources identified through the first phase of its exploration activities.

Federal Republic of Mali West Africa. Is a country rich in mineral resources? A major portion of the country is composed of hard rocks which have hosted major gold discoveries worldwide. There were over a hundred gold mining centres in the early part of last century. The mines were located in parts of Sojola, Morella; Sikasso villages in Mali West Africa, The mines then produced a large quantum of gold dust.

We are working hard to revive the mineral exploration and mining sector through foreign and Mali private investment and the planned introduction of liberalised internationally compatible mining policies. COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl, with some of the best gold prospects in the country, geologically similar to areas that have been home to major world gold discoveries, This great COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl specializes in a number of fields in the international world, especially in Mining and Exploration, Import & Export, Artwork, Distributing, Buying /Selling of Precious Metal, Development. Resources & Art COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl is also directly involved with its own projects in West Africa. These include property development and trading.

The corporation is specifically interested in precious metals trading also in mining projects for precious metals, precious stones gems and other minerals. Resources & Art COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl is the main corporation. Affiliated companies are directly or indirectly related to Resources & Art COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl via various internationally recognized firms and individuals.

The objective of our business is to provide a high quality product and reliable service for our customers. We hope you will enjoy visiting our web site and using our products and services as much as we enjoyed providing them for you. We started with legal instruction made by the government for mining in the West African nations like Ghana, Benin, Togo, Guinea and Mali.

We provide a large mining company, now owned by Morila AND Sadjora known as Gold Mining Village in Republic of Mali, back in 1998 we came with plans to mine the hills using modern techniques and we hired villagers for well-paying mining jobs. But soon realized the company required relatively large number of people to operate in multiple labours to achieve large quantities of gold and employed more educated miners who are now living in the village.

We also provide aged and current antiquity to our customers and these items of images are carved by the ancient people that laid the foundation of historical events which stands till date.

COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl Is a trusted Company that is why the great two Villages in Mali ask COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl to be marketing there Gold as they mine locally here in the community.

COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl involved with its own projects in Mali. These include Mining, Artwork, construction, Building web-sites, trading and Transportation. The corporation is specifically interested in precious metals trading also in mining projects for precious metals, precious stones and other minerals.

Our consulting and project management team focuses on client’s needs. Their ability to provide a total service is a factor that tends to enhance our client’s confidence in Resources & Art COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl West Africa and specifically in Mali, experience enables Resources & Art COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl to offer clients an extensive network of information and service.

Resources & Art COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl offers a service which includes the overall management of capital or revenue projects, together with cost control from inception to completion. Our commitment and positive contribution to the successful outcome of projects is well known.

Resources & Art COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl management main focus is the enlistment of the peoples of Mali through correct utilization of resources and networking for profit. Exploration & Mining Mali Government strongly stand for this great COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl, We have go ahead other and to being a mining management and equity company with established Franco and Anglophile interests, is active throughout Africa, dynamically exploring and developing mineral resources.

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