About us



We are pleased to introduce ourselves as the leading Gold Mining Company here in Mali and in all West Africa as large, As an Mali based group helping in procure gold deal of various metal commodities to many parts of the world.

We offer you all kinds of gold dusts that are extracted in their purest forms. Our different gold dusts like pure gold dust, yellow gold dust and many others are available in huge quantities with us.

We have been mainly directing our clients to purchase and sale real gold that we Produce with main focus on excellent quality control and most competitive prices. Though we believe “ WHEN DEEDS SPEAKS, WORDS ARE NOTHING”, kindly forward us your Bulk demand, we would like this opportunity to quote your needs, and demonstrate our competence in the field of AU Gold metal.

As we are major Gold Dust exporters from Mali in West Africa. We can serve you in much better way, because of our deep knowledge in this Gold market in the entire globe, we mainly on [Export, Import or Brokers] in each and every phase of the business.

That means, feel free to send your bulk demands. We guarantee that your demand will be executed at the most rapid speed. Being the most promising gold dust supplier in the market. You will get wonderful gold dust at the most minimal rates.

COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl started with the community since 1998 and we went into long term contract with the community to help them employ workers from all over the globe and to help them extract and market there gold as well.

This Page gives a little insight to gold prospecting in Sajola village community Mali West Africa, for some who are already into Prospecting for Gold around the world.

This has become a fast growing hobby through out the community and the country at large also the world. We produce almost 40-45Kg per day due to manual mining as we mine our gold through human hand labour.

Our service is to secure a good purchase of gold from our local miners and seeking any investor who might be willing to buy our gold and assist us with few machines which will help to build a fast production and save life of our local miners.

We have been in production for the past 10 Years after it discovery. This has become a fast growing family affair for them to spend time together and being shared from all ages and walks of life.

As many new comers have learned there is nothing like being outside with nature and looking for the most alluring metal to be hunted for and the joy of finding it which may just give you what we call "Gold Fever". Which the only cure is finding gold itself.

Most people don’t realize that only 10% of all the gold in the world has been found. So if someone says it has all been found they are wrong and there is gold yet to found by anyone willing to go and look for it. Gold isn't the easiest thing to find and you soon learn the saying gold is where you find it. Where you think it is, may not be there but in a spot that you would think there is none.

So if you enjoy the outdoors and meeting other people, and if you are looking for a way to buy gold do contact us, questions you want we will be happy to get anyone interested going.

COMPANY MINEROR BENIN Sarl looks forward to employ more workers to help our mining field grow to enable us get more quantities of Gold so that we can satisfy our serious client as we deliver 500kg every week.

We want to be delivering more that 500kg if we have more workers that can help our local miners to produce more kilograms, We use this opportunity to ask for any company or private organisation who can partner with us to help us provide equipments like drilling machines to help us in fast production.

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